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Episode 41: Using Pinterest to Grow your Business

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Episode 60: Don’t Miss Out On The Power Of PINTEREST – Jen Vazquez

October 28, 2021

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Episode 60 of the Be Fabbo Podcast is a great one!  Jen Vazquez brings you Don’t Miss Out On The Power Of PINTEREST—– and will give you the why’s and the how’s! Jen is FABBO and we can’t wait for you to put in your earbuds and hear why!! You’ll love that Jen has a phenomenal system to enable you to spend about 45 minutes a week to do all things Pinterest – so there’s no overwhelm! Really!

Don’t Miss Out On The Power Of PINTEREST

Meet Jen 

Jen Vazquez helps female solopreneurs go from marketing overwhelm to an easy streamlined marketing strategy that includes Pinterest and repurposing content to grow their business by booking their ideal clients.  She’s obsessed with marketing and many believe it’s her superpower!

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Around here (and everywhere to those that know!!!) Jen Vazquez is the real deal! She’s honest, straightforward and so very willing to share what she knows.

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More From The Candid Conversation

6:37   I find that it’s better to learn in that environment where you see somebody doing it, you try it and you ask questions on how to do it. Versus– Of course that’s why I never want the course route. And now today I do VIP days where it’s like one day and you learn everything you need to do and we create a actual strategy for you to actually do it yourself.

11:50   I will have you know that I spend about a half hour to an hour working on Pinterest a week! Yeah, I spend many, many more hours on Instagram and Pinterest is 80% of my traffic on my website.

13:03  #1, you need to have a business Pinterest account. #2, you need to utilize your images with text overlay that tells people why they’re going to click, or those beautiful images are going to get pinned to a 16 year old’s wedding future wedding board. #3 is you need to have a board that has freebies or lead magnets.

16:13  It actually doesn’t take as much time as you might be thinking or hyperventilating over after hearing what I said, because oftentimes, if you create a list of keywords that you can use for your blog, for your website. For everything else, you have them all in one place, it’s not as hard because you’re going back to that list time and time again.

16:50  And I have to say this because this is the biggest mistake that I see people making– they say, “I’ve tried Pinterest, and no one found me.” And my question is, how do you know? Did you look at Google Analytics did zero people come to your website? Chances are that’s totally incorrect.

21:04  Pinterest, is just like every other social media platform. Even though it’s more of a search engine, right? You’ll hear that from many experts. It’s still social media. And so with all social media, you have to be consistent. So when you’re considering working on Pinterest, you need to figure out how you’re gonna’ do that.

22:34  I can’t come on and pin 30 pins today and doing nothing for two weeks, right? If you have a consistent schedule, and every so often, you’re going to pin other things –cool! And a lot of people will ask me, especially as photographers, you say you want text overlay on the images. But that doesn’t prevent you from doing a text overlay that says what they’re going to find when they click on that, that pin right going to the blog of all your wedding images. And I suggest doing two or three pins with the text overlay. But I also will load up the other pins of my beautiful images because I don’t care if they end up on a future wedding board. It’s giving more content to Pinterest. Pinterest is happier that way and they’re all original images, right? So they’re all fresh.

24:22 some of my clients are wedding planners, and it’s like night and day for them from not pinning to pinning stuff on Pinterest, wedding planners in particular. I mean all wedding pros, of course have tips and tricks, right? But wedding planners tend to have tips and tricks for all of the different industries and all the different types of wedding pros because they’re planning a wedding day in and day out. So their tips on planning a wedding in particular, are incredible.

28:09  Now here’s the other thing. Pinterest launched a little bit ago to be able to tag other vendors very similar to Instagram. And that has increased my pending might people say my pins by a tremendous amount. Just like on Instagram, the more people you can, the more life that your post or your story gets. The same is true on Pinterest, but like 15 times more.

30:00   there are other schedulers, you just want to make sure that they are approved by Pinterest, because it will hurt you if you’re using a scheduler that is not approved by Pinterest.

31:00  The other thing people that you just reminded me of the other thing that people don’t do is on the link in your bio, have your Pinterest board in there. Like drive people from Instagram to your Pinterest, you’ll get more impressions you’ll get more followers that way.

38:15  When it comes to marketing your business, you want actionable content that educates.

41:41   my biggest advice to people who have a personal Pinterest account or have a business Pinterest account that they haven’t really done much with. Right? Don’t worry about what’s already on there. Just create it moving forward.

42:35  the main rule is don’t be spammy.

48:32  So Jen, what I’m hearing is you’re telling us that Pinterest is powerful. “It is my mission. And I’m going to put it out there publicly because I say it all the time. It is literally my mission to get every single business on Pinterest, because you will find it so effective.”

45:49  But 80 to 90% of your stuff on Pinterest should be your own.

49:54  What I am advising people and this is over the last three months now what I’m advising people to do is to create a landing page, just like you create a blog post.

54:07  One of my clients recently just decided she knows the value of Pinterest. She doesn’t want to do it but she wants to know how her business works which I really recommend for anybody, and anything you outsource right know at least a little bit about it. So I had her and her VA on and in one day we I taught them what matters. What needs to be done, created a strategy and a system that they could walk through to create. Ex: On Mondays I’d write my blog post on Tuesdays, I create graphics on like step by step, and then they went off and did it themselves. I have some people that do my VIP day and then join my Pinterest management for the accountability of getting online.

58:00  No matter what changes come down the pike. You’re gonna’ be okay. Right? A lot of people feel like, like I can’t even look at analytics from last year to this year because things have changed so much. They’ve changed how they are doing the numbers. But if you boil down what changes they’ve made, they’ve made it so that you know what your work has brought you not what other people’s work has brought you. And that is important.

1:00:31  But if you if you want to jumpstart your numbers, if you want your analytics to grow, you will do the things that they are wanting us to do right now their idea pins, but guess what, folks, if you create an idea pin on Pinterest, you can make that into a real on Instagram. And I don’t have my face on there. It’s just pure education. And it’s working for me. And so I always tell people, even if you don’t want to do everything that’s on there, try it because you may find so much success, that it’s worth it.

1:07:10  I just I feel like every single person I’ve worked with either with free stuff, free information, free trainings to paid, every single one of them say to me, oh my gosh, this is so much better than I thought. So I just hope that that will give everyone the courage or the encouragement to step forward with Pinterest.

1:09:44    I encourage you to download those freebies, they’ll help you in your strategy and marketing on Pinterest. I’m also on club house with my friend Bobbi here, and I do a lot of Pinterest rooms for free. And also on my Instagram, you can come and literally ask me any question, I am always available for you, and anybody that wants to work for me, if you let me know that you heard me on the Be Fabbo Podcast, I will give you a discount on anything that you want from me, any service, any anything, you will get a discount!!!!!


Be Fabbo Podcast Episode 60: Don’t Miss Out On The Power Of PINTEREST

Jen Vazquez


Meet Bobbi


For over 40 years I’ve had the honor of capturing love stories as a wedding photographer for fabbo couples in authentic moments from coast to coast. Along the way I’ve met some of the most talented and hard-working business owners, many of whom I’m proud to call friends. Working alongside them, the conversations we shared often turned to burnout, frustration, and the loss of excitement, they felt their purpose was gone.

It’s those conversations that led me here today, ready to cheer you on. I’m on a mission to empower you to make an impact as the CEO of your business.

I help ambitious creatives build a sustainable business that they love & their clients love more is my joy. Because when you do well, you can do good!

Let’s work together to help you transform your business into a prosperous career with a purpose. Because you should be able to make a difference and a living, agreed?

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Episode 41: Using Pinterest to Grow your Business

Episode 12: SEO With Sara Dunn

Episode 48: The Reset Specialist

Episode 56: Bet On Yourself- Bobbi Brinkman

podcast episodes


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