It's fabbo that you're ready to invest back into yourself!!! You give to your clients, your family, your fur kids, and now it's time to put yourself at the top of the list so you can better serve others! 

Candid conversations, real honest talk about the business side of wedding photography, or other industry professional. If your desire is to have and maintain a career in the wedding industry, I want to help you achieve longevity and build a career with a purpose by showing up, and being you while serving your clients.

I will be your cheerleader and give you the license to drive your own bus. Trends come and go, it’s your bus! You get to decide who gets on and off, which way to turn, & which road to take as you attract your ideal clients. Be true to you! 

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it would be
to be your mentor--- 

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Let's customize a Mentoring Program that will work best for where you are right now in your business/life journey, and where you want to go. Let's tackle your short term & long term goals, and how to continue to serve your clients in an authentic way. Let me help showcase your talents that will offer your clients an experience that only YOU can deliver. 

How do you learn best? Phone, Skype, FaceTime? We'll schedule your session at a time when you can be present and focused so you get the full benefit from this investment that you're making in yourself!

Ask Me Anything mentoring rates begin at $150