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Let's motivate your audience to bet on themselves to build a passionate, profitable career they love!

I inspire creative professionals to believe in a CEO mindset, choose abundance over fear, build perseverance, and embrace what makes them FABBO (unique, special, & remarkable).

Whether it’s behind the camera or in front of an audience, I’m a storyteller at heart. I’m 40 years into a wedding-niche career and I still wake up every morning with a passion for this industry.

Now, I’m on a mission to inspire wedding pros and other creatives to show up in their businesses, stay connected to their why, and share their struggles and wins so they feel confident telling their own story. 

With me on stage, there will be plenty of “aha” moments, mixed with some laughs. Maybe even tears (I’ve seen this happen from time to time). But either way, your audience will walk away re-energized and empowered to show up authentically every day to run their business from a place of purpose. 

I’ll motivate your audience to take action and believe they have what it takes to thrive in our competitive industry.

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A podcast for ambitious wedding pros looking for a mix of motivation, mindset, business + personal development to build a profitable, purposeful and inclusive career by serving their clients in the most authentic way. Come meet some FABBO wedding and creative business owners in your earbuds!

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Join me on the Fabbo Podcast

One of my favorite ways to encourage & build community with fellow creatives is with a Be Fabbo Workshop. These small group, half or full days of education are a fabbo fit for your local networking group.  Let's collaborate & along with some of my fabbo educator friends bring some candid conversation with panel discussions + interactive break out sessions on Business + Personal Growth to your local market.

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Be Fabbo Workshops

Motivating and empowering your audience to take action and believe they have what it takes to thrive in our competitive industry . From industry conferences stages to networking groups to workshops. As a speaker, moderator or emcee my goal is to collaborate with you, so together we motivate, educate and celebrate our passion as creatives, 

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Live or Virtual Speaking

Ways to be FABBO together...

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The biggest roadblock I see wedding professionals struggle with is confidence. Knowing and believing they have what it takes to thrive in a competitive industry. In this session, I inspire wedding pros to look inward and remember why they started as motivation so they can ditch the fear and walk in abundance.

Perfect for:
Any sized group. Wedding professionals early in their career struggling with clarity and confidence.
Length: 45 Minutes

Bet on yourself and remember why you started

Being in the industry for over 40 years, I discovered the mindset shifts I needed to see my business from a way to earn a paycheck, to the driving force that fulfills my life-long purpose. In this session, I’ll shift your mindset to realize you don’t have to choose between a profitable or purposeful wedding industry career— you can have both.

Perfect for:
Medium to large groups. Experienced wedding professionals who are burnt out and eager to work from a place of passion again.
Length: 45 Minutes

Building a profitable & purposeful wedding career

Oh and trust me, sh#t will come knocking. Divorce, a death in the family, a global pandemic (hello Corona!), you name it. It’s crucial to build a mindset that expects the unexpected and have a gameplan to get you through it. In this session, I discuss the perspective and solutions you need to stay focused, keep your feet on the ground, and keep moving forward.

Perfect for:
Any sized group. Creative professionals who want to build courage and perseverance for any difficult situation.
Length: 45 Minutes

What to do when SH#T comes knocking

Build a community of love and acceptance for your clients, your colleagues, and beyond. In this session, I explore how wedding pros can cultivate inclusivity in their business through sharing everyone’s love story. There’s no precedent for a movement like this, so come with your questions and let’s create a new history together.

Perfect for:
Small intimate groups. Diversity-driven wedding professionals
Length: 45 Minutes

How to be inclusive: serving LGBTQ+ clients


Most Requested

let's collaborate

SWEL Diversity Summit May 9-11 Sarasota FL

Catersource/Special Events May 1-6 Anaheim 
Presentation: Power of Storytelling to Get A yes, Where do we sign

Michigan Wedding Creatives April 26 
Be Fabbo Workshop

Wedding Summit Series March 6-11 Virtual 
Presentation:The Question behind the Question

E3 Educate-Empower-Encourage Community
Presentation: Passion-Purpose-Personality

WIPA COastal GA 
Moderator for Wedding Planner Panel 

"The courage it takes to share your story might be the very thing someone else needs to hear to believe they can too."

Upcoming Speaking & Workshops

Can't wait to see you there!

— Kathy - Rekindle Communications

The moment I heard Bobbi speak, I knew she was different from other speakers. She comes from a place of love, authenticity, and raw compassion.
Her content isn’t just tacky “you can do it!” motivation. She helps you shift the perspective to learning what it means to find your purpose, embrace your purpose, and translate that purpose into every area of your life including business, so you can take intentional action.           

— Brenda – Planner

Bobbi you are so incredible. You have an amazing presence and I thank you for your voice.

I love it when you get to the core of people to open up and share who they are, and why they do, and how you explain why this is so important for us to do so that clients trust us and invest with us and we then believe in ourselves.
Thank you for reminding me that I am braver than I knew.    

— Angela H - Memorable Events by Angela + Co

Thank you again soooo much for everything you have done and continue to do for the event industry, and for being overall super fabbo in general.
I could not think of a better emcee to make us laugh and recall that we are all needed and have a role on the wedding day.
More importantly, making ALL OF US feel like winners all night and adding something personal about each presenter and nominee just solidified that when you ask us to share our story you listen, and therefore when you share it others have now heard our stories too! .

— Brooke - DJ

Bobbi, you are such an inspiration with the way speak openly about being an LGBTQ+ vendor and the advocacy you do so that those of us just starting feel safe and welcomed. To hear you share you have a choice to live and build your business authentically or hide and wait for other approvals in an industry that is about celebrating love. Struggles come to your business gay or straight, that really hit home. During Q+A you were patient and talked with us not at as and never made us feel bad for asking. You genuinely are a wedding pro cheerleader. I'm so grateful I attended today as you said we often  find ourselves exactly where we are supposed to be!   

Kind Words


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I've spoken across the country - virtually and in-person - motivating wedding pros and creative entrepreneurs at different stages along their career journey. There's always room at the table, no matter how competitive our industry may feel.

Together, we'll empower your audience to share their story and embrace what makes them FABBO so they can create a purposeful and profitable business. I would be honored to motivate your audience at your next event!

Your audience should know how FABBO they are!