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8 Reasons Why Saying No to New Opportunities is Important for Business Growth

We’re kicking off with Episode 73: 8 Reasons Why Saying No to New Opportunities is Important for Business Growth . I know you want to hear more, and find ways to continue to strive for business and personal growth.  You pour your blood, sweat, and tears into your business so how do you maximize every effort? Grab your fave […]

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Win For The Week

What’s YOUR Win For The Week? Most of us get caught up in the daily grind of running our businesses and forget to give ourselves the proper time and attention to celebrate the wins. 🎊⁠⁠As we all know, some days are harder than others, but in the end, we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones if […]

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9 Tips to Help You Change Your Perspective

9 Tips to Help You Change Your Perspective, yes please! All of us have trials and tribulations in our lives. No matter how blessed we feel, how much success our business is having right now, situations will arise to challenge that. Sometimes we feel like life just comes at us in a storm. We think […]

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Reach That Potential!

The world is full of people who don’t believe in themselves and lack confidence in their abilities- how do we reach that potential? They seem to think they are limited by the size of their brain, their looks, their gender, their culture, their education, and their lack of money.⁠⁠They feel that they will never succeed […]

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How to Be the Creative Entrepreneur that Thrives in Challenges

How to be the creative entrepreneur that thrives in challenges? Creative Entrepreneurs will have challenges throughout their business journeys. 🚧No matter what kind of business, there will be challenges. You only have two choices when it comes to dealing with them. Either you will allow the fear and self-doubt to keep you from pursuing what […]

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How To Improve Your Business

🚨 How to improve your business? Yes Please!!! If you want to improve your business, you must be willing to make sacrifices and changes and break the habits of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.⁠ β βŒ› You may not see the rewards of these changes, and your hard work […]

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Get Up And Take Action

πŸ’­ A familiar phrase most entrepreneurs here often is If you want to succeed, you need to do something different from what everyone else is doing.⁠…get up and take action!β πŸ—£οΈ I recently heard the quote: “The thing that distinguishes the person who succeeds from the one who fails is that the successful person is willing […]

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Noobie Podcast: I Wish I Knew: Smart Financial Planning – Bobbi Brinkman

Bobbi was a recent guest on the Noobie Podcast: I Wish I Knew: Smart Financial Planning – Bobbi Brinkman. The NoobiePhotographerPodcast Simplifying photography and photography businessfor new photographers This amazing new podcast is hosted by Nathan Holritz, an old and valued friend. “If you’ve just started your photography business, the topic of money may be […]

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WMBA Podcast: Inspiration + Motivation With Bobbi Brinkman

It was fabbo for Bobbi to have joined Clint Hufft on Episode 182 of the πŸŽ™οΈ WMBA Podcast: Inspiration + Motivation With Bobbi Brinkman. πŸ”₯ What is “Fabbo”? What are good morning and evening systems to increase profits? What questions should a business ask itself to create a successful plan moving forward? Bobbi is excited […]

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Achieve Anything in Life???

πŸš€ If you want to achieve anything in life, you must be ambitious, motivated, and dedicated. This is especially true if you want to be your own business’s CEO and an effective leader.β β πŸ“ˆYou need to set goals that are reasonable but not impossible. You must have passion. You must be persistent. In other words, you […]

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